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There's good news and there's bad news.
Then there's good news again.

A brilliant reaction from the town. A slightly disappointing one from the Lottery fund.

We are so pleased with how the town has responded to our appeal - the fund raising has been going well, and many, many people have contacted us with fascinating connections to the town and to the church itself, all offering support.
The enthusiasm and support for the project and the pledges have been much more numerous and generous than we had dared hope. So that's fantastic...
On the other hand....
We are disappointed to learn that the Heritage Lottery Fund have turned down our application. There is a huge amount of competition for limited funds and on this occasion we have lost out. From the feedback we have had, this wasn't because they didn't feel the appeal was worthwhile or sustainable but simply because of the pressure on their resources.
However, such has been the enthusiasm for the restoration appeal, that we now feel there is a good chance we can go ahead without their contribution - and so are pushing on with undiminished energy and resolve!
What that means is that pledges from the public - no money required just yet - are more important than before. If we're going to get there, we need to continue and build on the great momentum that we've seen, so please dig deep if you've not done so already.
Many, many thanks for all your generosity so far.
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